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Sushi Masa by Ishibashi is an extension of Michelin star Chef Masakazu Ishibashi’s Edomae-style sushi restaurant first set up in Tokyo’s exclusive Ginza district. 


Bringing a tradition lost in time, a taste of the past flecked with innovation directly from Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur. A visit here at Sushi Masa is a step into Chef Masa’s realm, where you will experience an authentic, world-class “Edomae Sushi” (authentic style originally from 200 years ago in former Edo, the current Tokyo) using the freshest and highest quality of ingredients from Japan.


The philosophy cultivating this endeavour is our strong determination to attend to every little detail and every ingredient, to share an appreciation for age-old Japanese culinary traditions without compromising its integrity. We welcome you to a calm and intimate setting, creating a heartfelt dining experience that resonates beyond the sushi counter.